The Bridal Hair Club

The Bridal Hair Club exists in a space uniquely its own: an exclusive community for the ambitious, hardworking hairstylists of the bridal industry. It's a haven where stylists can craft, collaborate, and grow.


Our ethos is rooted in education and growth, with the firm belief that community is paramount, forging genuine connections, and fostering authentic conversations. We attract stylists who are unafraid of putting in the work to achieve their goals.

Hi, I'm Kira

Bridal Hair Stylist, Educator & Founder of The Bridal Hair Club

How to Work with Me

This Was Meant To Be

I believe you landed here for a reason.

In the lonely world of solo-entrepreneurship, we need an outlet. A sense of community. A space with like-minded bridal beauty pros to connect, collaborate, learn, and grow our businesses.

We need The Bridal Hair Club. 

xx Kira

A Few of My Favorite Things

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